The whole area where we live is very well organised for making tours by bike.

There is a network with numbered nodes, wich are connected by signposted routes. When possible they follow separate narrow tracks, away from the normal traffic, offering you the best view of the surroundings.

You can see an image of a small fragment of one of the maps that go with this network at the right on this webpage.

As you can see, the distances between nodes are indicated in red figures. Picnick areas and interesting places are indicated with icons.
You can easily plan your trip just by writing down the node numbers, and a quick calculation gives you the total distance of your trip.

The rivers Schelt and Rupel offer several quiet biking tracks on the river banks, forbidden for cars, and on a number of places you can cross the water by a small ferry (going every hour or half hour). These ferry services are only available to pedestrians and bikers, and are toll-free.

We hold several maps at your disposal (4 maps that cover the province of Antwerpen, one of a part of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands, and one of the province Oost-Vlaanderen).

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